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Also online available via Skype!

Vedic astrology - Basic consult


Vedic Astrology - Basic consultation

Your life path will be examined.

75,00 €

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The following topics will be addressed:

  • Life purpose and career
  • Skillset (e.g. authorship, musician, philosophy,...)
  • Wealth, revenu, spending and success
  • Relationships
  • Karmic pathologies and their remedies
  • Personal mantras and family mantras based upon the deities in your chart
  • Children, siblings

Additional Parashara techniques:

  • Your focus during the current and next planetary period (dasha)
  • Psychological aspects (based on lajjitaadi avashtas)
  • Yogas

The consults are done through Skype. Afterwards, you'll receive a recorded video of the consult. Your reserved time slot for the consult may be subject to change, depending on the nature of the questions and the time needed to analyze your chart. To guarantee the quality of the consults, we ask you to verify your time of birth on your birth certificate. Additionally, have your parents or other relatives confirm the exact time. The more accurate the time of birth provided, the more accurate the results of the reading.